1. Is Private Tuition for Me?

If you have never tried private tuition before but find tuition at a tuition centre not being able to meet your needs, you should definitely give the former a try. It is very different from tuition at a tuition centre as you get more targeted help and attention.


  1. Why is Private Tuition so expensive?

Private tuition is of course costlier as it is one-to-one. It also depends greatly on the teacher’s qualification and experience. Our tuition agency provides a range of options, so depending on your needs and budget, you can always find the most cost-effective option.


  1. What if I don’t like the tutor after a few lessons? 

We try our best to find you a tutor we think will meet your needs the best, but of course we understand that there are instances in which the match may be less than desirable. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you wish to change your tutor – we will make the necessary arrangements to minimise the inconvenience to your learning as much as possible.


  1. Are there any fees imposed?

No. Our service is completely free of charge for you. We take a commission directly from the tutor instead.


  1. Any trial lesson available?

No trial lesson.